iOS Devices

The Activation Lock feature on iOS 7 or above locks your Apple device to your iCloud account.

If your device is on ‘Lost Mode’ please follow instructions here before attempting to remove Activation Lock.

Apple iPhone
We will be unable to process any iOS devices which are still linked to an iCloud account.

If you have already sent in your device please follow the below steps to remove iCloud from your iPhone:

iCloud login box screenshot

Step 1

Sign into your iCloud account at (if you have forgotten your password, you can reset it at

iCloud device listing screenshot

Step 2

Select the device from the Find My iPhone device list by clicking All Devices

Erase iPhone link screenshot

Step 3

Erase the device by clicking Erase iPhone

Erase iPhone confirmation box screenshot

Step 4

Click Erase to erase all contents and settings from the device

Password prompt screenshot

Step 5

Enter your Apple ID password to continue

iCloud remove from account link screenshot

Step 6

When prompted, do not enter a phone number or message. Click next and then done until the device is erased

iCloud remove from account link screenshot

Step 7

When the device is erased, click Remove from Account

iCloud remove from account confirmation box screenshot

Step 8

Confirm the removal

Activation Lock should now be removed from your device.

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