iOS Devices

The Activation Lock feature on iOS 7 or above locks your Apple device to your iCloud account.

If your phone is on Lost Mode within iCloud, please follow the below steps to remove this:

Apple iPhone images
We will be unable to process any iOS devices which are still linked to an iCloud account.
iCould login box screenshot

Step 1

Sign into your iCloud account at

iCloud device selection screenshot

Step 2

Select the device from the Find My iPhone device list by clicking All Devices

iCloud 'Lost Mode' screenshot

Step 3

The device will appear as “Lost Mode” in the top left corner. Click on lost mode.

Stop 'Lost Mode' screenshot

Step 4

Select ‘Stop Lost Mode’

Device screenshot without 'Lost Mode' now disabled

Step 5

Your device should now appear as below and you can continue from step 4 of the activation unlock instructions here

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